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Understanding the subtleties of investment data and how this can and should interact across business functions to enhance exponential returns for our Members. Our systems are highly scalable and sustainable over the long term, so as our company grows, our solutions grow too. "CEO"


Welcome to Kamag Anstalt

Where you get certainty in an uncertain financial world!

Kamag helps SACCOs, NGOs, companies, businessmen and entrepreneurs to effortlessly make online payments to municipalities, make Tax payments, purchase airtime, collect pensions, create jobs, improve corporate governance and payment/collection services and educate people for performance to advance themselves and also contribute to their local communities.

The primary goal of KAMAG ANSTALT is to improve lives, especially for the people who most need the benefits of growth. It is KAMAG policy to utilise the intrinsic value of assets and resources, add value to it and then access the global markets to attain maximum returns. This ensures maximum utilisation of resources to create exponential wealth for its people.

Kamag Anstalt's focus, as a global independent fund and asset management institution, is to provide integrated strategic payment processor systems, investment products and services through licensed broker dealers, to meet current market requirements in the world that is affecting KAMAG Members.

What Kamag Anstalt does ...
Exponential wealth creation through the keen management of commodities and the gearing of funds and assets, utilising the intrinsic cash value thereof to improve the lives of our members.